A. M. 


Animator & Illustrator

Demo Reel

3D Stills & Style Frames





Digital media for presentations

Media for Print & E-learning

Digital media for textbooks, e-learning, posters,

and catalogues

Museum Display

Media for large scale display

Natural Illustration

Biological illustration for gallery and print


I received my BFA in Scientific Illustration from the University of Georgia and my MS in Medical Illustration from Augusta University where I worked directly with medical faculty, researchers, and doctors to create material for use in the university curriculum and patient outreach.

My early life was split between Alaska, Georgia, and Wisconsin, and travel has inspired my intense interest in the natural world. My introduction to medical illustration came to me through learning of the scientific illustration department on campus while I was majoring in music performance at UGA. The concept of creating art for the sake of education threw the door to my true interests wide open. Since then, I have never looked back as I have found boundless enjoyment in the intricacies of the human body expressed through medical illustration. My other interests include archery, botany, sustainable fishing practices, and taking pictures of my dog Mystery Meat.

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